Capacitive Touch Sensing Piano

After three weeks of learning many new things about Computer Science, it was finally time to pick a specific field, and create a final project. While most others worked on the software side of things, I was rather fascinated with Arduino, and working with my hands being a skill of mine, I decided to incorporate it in my final project. Initially, I decided to use the included buttons to create a simple three key piano, but that seemed too basic. So instead, I used aluminium foil, along with a bunch of resistors, attached onto a cardboard base to create a touch sensitive paino.

resistor1 resistor2 resistor3

Above are pictures of the resistor assembly. Each resistor is connected to its respective strip of aluminium, which form the touch sensing keys. The two resistor legs are then punctured through the cardboard base, and then connected to the micro controller below, to keep a clean look on the front. The individual wires from each resistor are then connected to the arduino board which senses changes in capacitance when one touches the strip of aluminium. This sends sends a command to the Piezo Buzzer which outputs a sound. In this case, the first notes are C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, B4 and lastly, C5.

iboard1 backofthepaino arduino123


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