Final Project

1. What is your prototype about?
My prototype is an Arduino microcontroller connected to a breadboard fitted multiple LEDs in order to create a numeral display. Two buttons will be present on the bread board, labelled ‘1’ and ‘0’ respectively. When the user enters a random string of 1s and 0s using the buttons, the Arduino Board will convert the digits into numerals that we can understand, and display the result on the display made of LEDs.
2. What will people learn from your experience?
My experience helps people learn about the fundamentals of binary, and converting it into numbers using a fun and easy to use colorful interface.
3. Will it be interactive or is it something people will watch? If interactive, what can the user do?
The demonstration is 100% interactive where users can experience it themselves.
4. How would your design fit in with the Exploratorium? Describe your experience from yesterday and include pictures. Use examples!
I believe my design would fit well in the exploratorium since it is a fun way to convert binary into numbers and see the result in real time. It is a great way to introduce children to binary and the way it works.
5. Draw a diagram that explains how your prototype works.


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