Guest lecture by Diablo 3 Lead Designer


As a part of class here at the Stanford Pre Collegiate Institutes, we had the opportunity of getting a talk by Stone Librande, who shared his experiences in the Game Design industry. Having worked with Blizzard Entertainment, and Electronic Arts in the past, he is currently working with Riot Games on a new project and had a lot to share with us.

We learnt about how he started small, creating board games as a hobby. Then after studying about Computer Science and Animation at USC, and then MIT, he started work with Blizzard entertainment, as a designer for Diablo 3.

He told us how Video Game designing incorporated a lot of blueprint making and planning, and how seemingly simple games actually have months, and often years of effort put into them by Designers and programmers.

Stone2 stone3

He showed us, step by step, how he designed the Simpsons Game. From a cardboard box terrain with post-it notes stuck over it placed on a table, to a detailed map with separate industrial, residential etc. sectors. It was a very inspirational experience, and we got to ask him tons of questions afterward, which was great. Thank you Mr. Librande!

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