JavaScript vs Twine


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to use a software called Twine. Used for creating interactive web stories, it is a fun tool to spark your creativity. Moreover, it possesses a simple interface, which allows for quick creation of slides. The user can drag slides around the window, and connect many different ones to each other, to create inter’twined’ stories, with multiple different endings possible.



On the other hand, we used JavaScript for our Interactive Fiction project, and that was a very different experience. It was solely dependent on writing code, and there wasn’t a graphical user interface to create the programs. However, it was interesting to scan through lines of code and modify it for my own story. Changing the text, animation, music and pictures was a ncie experience, and helped me understand javascript better.

While both methods can be used for creative outputs, I would still go with JavaScript. Even though it requires quite a bit of programming experience, the end result is just worth it. However, if you are new to the world of programming, Twine is a great tool to start out with, and should be definitely tried!

Check out the Twine game here.




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