Interactive Fiction Project

Games weren’t always characterized by fancy graphics and a plethora of events, but rather their beginnings were very humble. This is what I learnt when making this project. Simple text-based games can actually be really fun, and in this, educational too. What we had to do was modify the code for a story based game and add facts and information pertaining to the history of computers.

Of course we had to do things differently, and what would have been a boring bunch of facts now is an interactive game that pretty much sums up the beginning of Apple Inc.

We also added some facts just to stick to the topic, and by selecting the second option on the first slide, you can view the dates on which some of the most famous companies were founded.

All in all it was a good experience, and a particularly amusing one too, with the giant apple logo, and background music.

Below are some screenshots of the final version.

Find it here

Image  Image


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