Monument Valley – A great new game for your mobile


Monument Valley is the best game I have played on my phone in a while, and with good reason. Not only intellectually stimulating, it is extremely fun to pass time with. Based on paintings by illusionist/ painter M.C. Escher, Monument Valley is an innovative game about a Silent Princess that makes her way through interesting terrains, where nothing is as it seems.

Breaking the the norms of our usual perception of dimensions, the game creates a unique experience, full of twists and turns (Sometimes quite literally) and will keep you addicted until you finish the final level. So head to the App Store and get it now. Hours of fun will ensue!

One thought on “Monument Valley – A great new game for your mobile

  1. Neel, I’m VERY impressed with this game. I know some great designers who talked a lot about it. Way to pick a very interesting game.

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